Rider 418Ts AWD

R 418Ts AWD

PR 17, PR 17 AWD, R 418Ts, R 418Ts AWD

High performance and compact All-Wheel-Drive Rider for convenient handling of large, tight and hilly areas. Equipped with features like power steering, hydraulic tool lift, headlights and quick tool connection for hassle-free and efficient tool changes. Can be fitted with a flail mower, broom, snow thrower, snow blade and more. An excellent choice for private estate owners, housing cooperations, sports facilities and hotels with large areas to maintain year-round. The R 418Ts AWD is delivered deckless and can be fitted with 94, 103 and 112 cm Combi cutting decks offering BioClip and rear ejection.

  • Engine manufacturer
  • Power
    10.6 kW
  • Cutting methods
    BioClip®/Rear discharge
  • Cutting width, min
    94 cm
£7,360.00 Rec. retail price inc. VAT