ATV Rack Mounted Broadcaster Manual

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The Electro Broadcaster range is designed to spread a wide range of products including slug pellets, fertiliser, all types of seed, trace elements and minerals, etc. The all-welded galvanised frame, polyethylene hopper and stainless steel metering plate ensure a long, trouble free life.

  • Standard Features

    • A range of specialist mounted broadcasters, ideal for spreading  slug pellets, grass and clover seed, herbicide granules, fertiliser, etc.
    • Slug pellet spread range between 12 – 24 m with TFL/TFS80 motor
    • Slug pellet spread range 24m+ with TFS120 motor
    • Small seed spread range (eg. grass) up to 6m with either motor
    • Hopper capacity of 85 or 130 litres
    • Adjustable bias settings on all models to ensure all product is evenly distributed.
    • Ability to reduce motor speed with syncro models to match desired spread widths (i.e use with grassland harrow, etc.)

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