Husqvarna Front Deck, Pivot Steer Mower

Husqvarna Ride-On Mowers

The combination of control, comfort and efficiency will not only make your work easier – you’ll also enjoy the ride. It’s hard to find places where a Husqvarna ride-on lawn mower isn’t able to reach. Thanks to a wide range of attachments and a built-in choice of cutting methods, your sit-on lawn mower from Husqvarna will enable you to do all kinds of work. Not only are our sit-on mowers ideal for efficient lawn care, but they can also perform various other tasks on your land all year round.


Turn around your obstacles

In the Husqvarna ride-on mower range, there’s a model just for you. Our range covers everything from professional front mowers to small sit-on lawn mowers suitable for a homeowner’s garden. Regardless of which model you choose you will get true Rider Mower characteristics – articulated steering, a front-mounted cutting deck and a comfortable driving position.

The unique steering system in your Husqvarna sit-on lawn mower allows the rear wheels to swing in underneath the machine. It will give you great manoeuvrability and intuitive operation, which means driving around obstacles will be easy.

All Husqvarna Riders have a unique steering system
A Husqvarna Rider’s front-mounted cutting-deck will give you a complete overview of the working area

Stay in charge of your ride-on mower

Our ride-on mowers all have a front-mounted cutting-deck. It will give you a complete overview of the working area, allowing you to trim edges and reach into corners. The cutting deck also offers the versatility of two cutting systems. Choose between fertilisation (BioClip®) and efficient mowing for areas with higher or rougher grass. The pedals enable you to control speed and direction. With both hands on the steering wheel, you’ll be fully in charge of your ride-on mower.

One partner for all seasons

Your Husqvarna sit-on lawn mower adapts to any weather and season. So instead of buying different machines for different tasks, why not consider a versatile sit-on mower? With its extensive range of attachments you’ll be ready for any kind of seasonal challenge. We offer you trailers, brooms, snow throwers and much more to complete your ride-on mower.